28 mars 2016

The end

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The virtual tour is finally over ..
However,there is a small thing that you must know.
The tour of the castle was closed to the public because it turned out that all those who had visited the castle, without exception, were dead shortly after …
It is as if the ghosts, the souls of this places do not want their secret be discovered, their home, which still belongs to them, be raped by strangers ..
But what about you, dearvisitor. You are not entered into the castle. However, you have discovered parts of the manor, places where terrible events have occurred ..
And if these spirits became angry against you? To have discovered their story, saw their inside their home..

If I were you, I would not sleep soundly this night …

7# The tree

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And to finish this tour, we reach the garden, the property overlooking the lake, and the tree, in which the father, after having killed his family, came to hang himself.

A legend tells that it is possible to see the ghost of his dead body hanged in the tree, some nights, on the anniversary of the tragedy …

6# The hallway

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The castle has several corridors similar to this one. But this one is the more frightening because it is particularly dark, and above all, it leads to the girl’s room, where they were murdered by their father.
That’ss why sometimes it is possible to hear murmurs,  and voices; some even would tell that the doors could be opened by themselves. 


It gives chills isn’t it?

5# whispering room

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Here is the girl’s room. Beds were removed because for some unexplained reason, both would  split in two during a night, exactly ten years after the tragic events.
It was in this room that is most likely to hear the voice of the twin, and hear their whispers, and sometimes their crying …

Ripping… and especially scary!

4# The stairs

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And now there is the stairs leading to the third floor towards the twin’s room.
Some traces of blood were not able to be fully cleared and were inked in the wood floor.
It is here that some people claim to have seen the mother, still on the stairs, staring you heavily.

Quite scaring isn’t it ?


3# Living room and living chair

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We come now to the lounge, where there is the famous rocking chair in the corner of the fireplace, which would tend to swing alone sometimes, some nights when the wind blows too hard …

And you, would you dare to sit in?

2# The main entrance

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Let’s start with the main entrance of the castle, towering by its two huge staircases leading to the living room and the kitchen and the rest of house. The family had a very pronounced taste for luxury items as can be noticed on the picture: chandelier, statues, paintings ..

Some witness said he reigns here a very heavy atmosphere, and that there is an icy cold, even in summer.

1# The entrance

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First here is the entrance to the property. The castle has an area of approximately 2000 m2 and features. a garden with an area of 2 hectar. The property is surrounded by low wall as shown in the picture, and Contains a lake, a park and a kiosk.

So  know, are you feeling ready to enter it?

26 mars 2016

The story

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Winter 1882 was one of the coldest winters since over a century. That evening, the snow had not ceased falling since dawn, and we could hear the wind blow and growl, snapping the shutters. At that time, lived here the Darwicht family consisting of five members, father, mother, little twins both aged of 6 years and the grandmother. It is said that that night, the two little girls were playing quietly in their room, the grandmother was quietly installed in the rocking chair in the living room, reading a good book in front of the fire, and the mother was busy to prepare food in the kitchen . We do not know the reason for this, but the father of the family would come, for some inexplicable reason, in a rage, and he would have first started with killing grandmother with a poker, before boarding in the twins’s room . He would have started by strangling the two girls, before being interrupted by a terrible cry from the first floor. He would came down, would have seen his wife upstairs and would be equipped with a gun, would have shot her in the head before going to hang himself in the garden.

       Since, it is said that winter evenings it is possible to see the figure of a man hanging in the tree of the garden, or the rocking chair lounge moving alone. Some also say that they have heard voices of little girls, murmurs, whispers..;. Others also tell having seen several times the ghost of the mother in the large entrance stairs, motionless, the face empty.


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Hear ye dear visitors!
Unfortunately for you, you just enter a hostile place, where you  would had never imagined putting your foot one day!
There is still time for you to make half-turn, if you do not want to be sucked into the bowels of hell, and hear the terrifying story I’m about to tell you.

You’re going to hear a terrifying story, which may terrify you, and stay anchored in your memory for a long time. You are willing to discover the story of the Bloody Wall castle, a place famous for being inhabited and haunted by evil and demonic entities, after the tragic events that are happened there.
Located in the heart of Norfolk County, in the east of england, this castle is almost unknown to the public, his visit being prohibited, that’s why I give you away, a virtual tour of this mysterious place both magical and frightening.
Don’t be afraid, come with me, or leave before it’s too late!
Enjoy your visit!

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